France's Slopestyle Skiing Hopefuls Throw Down | Slope Time in Sochi, Ep. 1

11th February 2014
11th Feb 2014
Meet Jérémy, Antoine, and Jules, three young men who will soon be representing France as Olympian slopestyle skiers. In this video we follow them through their training regimens with coach Greg Dufosse in the Val Thorens resort nestled into the Savoie department of the French Alps. Perhaps you are wondering how freeskiers train, outside of skiing hard and partying like low-level rock stars. Well, that may be the traditional method, but these Olympians are on a different regimen that involves working with filmmakers to refine and perfect a set of tricks that they know they're going to have to bust out in Sochi. They are also, if you can believe it, cross-training. In between the exercise bikes and bags of free clothes from Lacoste, it's just young dudes trying to have fun - surprisingly sweet, surprisingly touching. Don't miss this one.

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