Freerunners VS. Wolves | Freerun Stories, Ep. 4

07th January 2015
07th Jan 2015
For time immemorial man has pondered one question above all others: Can I outrun a wolf? There is a certain group of Czech freerunners who have finally decided to put the question to rest. And they're doing it in the most fun and lighthearted way possible - dressed as cavemen. Not that it's all just a laugh: what starts as a race turns into a game of tag with teeth, wolf teeth to be exact. When these pups get excited, you'd best jump out of their reach or you might end up biting off more than you can chew - or even worse, they might. No wolves were hurt in the filming of this video, but a few freerunners were nipped, er playfully. Freerunners VS. Wolves | Freerun Stories, Ep. 4

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