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Friday Gear Show: Are The Boreal Mutant Climbing Shoes Any Good? | Climbing Daily Ep.866

03rd February 2017
03rd Feb 2017
On this week's Friday Climbing Daily gear show we are reviewing the Boreal Mutant shoes, un-boxing So iLL's new boulder pad, giving away discount codes, and launching another competition. A busy show! For 10% off all Scarpa shoes until the 12th of February 2017, enter the discount code SCARPA10 at the checkout. To check out the Boreal Mutant's click here. For the So iLL Crash Pad click here. To watch Claim Freedom click here. Climbing Daily shows: here. Friday Gear Show : Are The Boreal Mutant Climbing Shoes Any Good? | Climbing Daily Ep.866

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Comments (3)

markroberthow's picture
I went Bouldering in the Dartmoor at Bone rock once. We got down there at about mid night in the middle of a snow dump and ended up climbing until about 5 in the morning with some spot lights it was amazingly beautiful and serial with the snow. Awesome experience
Feb 10th 2017
markroberthow's picture
A couple of mares and I recently went Bouldering in Dartmoor at Bone Rocks. We drove down late Friday evening to avoid the traffic with a pretty constant eye on weather reports as it decided whether to snow or not. All was looking good for a clear night, until we got a few miles out of the National Park and could see the monumental weather front ahead of us. We pressed on despite it only to drive right into a heavy snow fall only minuets onto the small roads of Dartmoor. After a very timid drive through the Park we made it almost to the car park when we came across a camper van trying in vain to relocate. After a bit of push and shove the camper was free and we pushed on really hoping not to befall a similar fate our selves (i am pleased to say my rather full Meriva made it no problem). When we rocked up we where faced with a beautiful setting of a few inches of snow on the floor and a newly clear and bright sky to help light up the boulders. We set a hurried camp and cracked out the flood lights and boulder mats. The idea being we would climb for an hour to scout out some routs for the next day. We ended up climbing for several hours trying different problems and setting each other challenges until the sun started to tempt an appearance. It was my first time night climbing and with a mix of the quiet the stars and beautiful setting its something I am keen to allot more off.
Feb 8th 2017
patrikhlundin's picture
Dont have to many night bouldering stories. The best one tho is probably from the home crag, forgetting to bring any lights so had to work on a dyno in less and less dayligth ( the daylight in sweden goes away pretty darn quick during winter.) I didnt do the dyno that day and had trouble finding my car... Crushed it another day instead!! (manly scream)!!
Feb 5th 2017
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