Gnu Finsanity 1984 | Best New Snowboards ISPO 2016

19th January 2016
19th Jan 2016
The board your dad used to own. The Finsanity 1984 from Gnu Snowboards has a heavy influence from the decade that brought us Tron, the Sinclair C5, Kenny Loggins, Saved By The Bell, and the Commodore 64 - this is a throwback in its own right. The Finsanity's unique bolt-on fins at the tail mean that when it’s in deep powder, you can throw some surf inspired moves. If it’s not a powder day, you can simply take the fins off and leave them at home whilst the C2 camber profile lets you have an easy going ride all over the mountain and the magnetraction edges let you try and get lent over like you used to do back in the day. Gnu Finsanity 1984 | Best New Snowboards ISPO 2016

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