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Greenpeace Climbs Building in Protest - EpicTV Climbing Daily

26th July 2013
26th Jul 2013
Jack tells us about the recent Greenpeace demonstration where, on July 11, six female climbers snuck in under cover of darkness to quietly start climbing the 310m-high Shard in London. Their aim was to make a very public stand against drilling for oil in the Arctic. Video HERE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=BNwX8LYT9aQ Also Alex Honnold and Cedar Wright have recently pulled off a unique adventure in their home state of California: enchaining all of the state's 14,000-foot-plus peaks (and then some), using only two bikes and their own two feet for transportation. Along the way during this remarkable journey from Mt. Shasta to Mt. Langley, the two biked more than 700 miles, hiked at least 100 miles, and climbed over 100,000 vertical feet, often via difficult technical rock climbs. The two free-soloed every route they climbed, up to 5.10a. They took about five rest days. Read about it HERE: http://www.climbing.com/news/honnold-wright-enchain-california-14ers-by-bike-foot-and-free-solo/

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