Gruesome, Incredible BASE Jump With Parachute PIERCED Into Flesh

05th August 2015
05th Aug 2015
Californian adventure junkie Josh Miramant, 28, is literally hooked on BASE jumping. He became one of the world’s first Suspension Jumpers - BASE jumping from a cliff in Thailand with his parachute hooks PIERCED into his back before jumping off a 380ft ledge, despite jumping for only three weeks and never having had a piercing before.

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Comments (4)

2 voters think this video is Nuts
Chantrey Touego's picture
HARD pass.
Aug 10th 2015
Manu Maclean's picture
totally and utterly gross but intriguing
Aug 10th 2015
Chantrey Touego's picture
HARD pass.
Aug 7th 2015
Michelle Webster's picture
Underwater Basket Weaving Champion 2002-2004
What if his skin breaks - I think the tear is the least of his worries!
Aug 7th 2015
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