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Has Venice Beach Lost Its Soul? | Venice Then and Now, Ep. 4

04th June 2015
04th Jun 2015
Gentrification has well and truly struck Venice Beach California, but can one of the West Coast's original surf, skate, and counter culture enclaves survive the onslaught of Starbucks, Bikram Yoga centers, and juice bars? To examine the state of Venice's union filmmaker Jamie Tierney sits down William Attaway, a world renowned artist who grew up in Venice and still lives there. William spent much of his youth skateboarding with the legends of Dog Town before turning his attention full-time to painting, sculpture and mixed media art. Now his work is literally everywhere in Venice, but with rents rising and properties being demolished to make way for more development, his future in the area rests on a knife's edge. All neighborhoods change, but can William and all the others who have made Venice what it is keep the flame alive for another generation? Has Venice Beach Lost Its Soul? | Venice Then and Now, Ep. 4

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Comments (5)

7 voters think this video is Sweet!
Emanuelle Maclean's picture
i love this series. would love to see more of these docu-style edits....
Jun 23rd 2015
palacebros's picture
Answer: Si!
Jun 10th 2015
Ltbron's picture
Venice Beach is changing too much!! It needs to keep its style and swagger
Jun 8th 2015
Kelly Slater's picture
banging series! Venice beach is an absolute ZOO! amazing place!
Jun 5th 2015
Donna Saarentola's picture
artists never dies
Jun 4th 2015
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