High-Speed Downhill Skateboarding Down Volcano | Greener Pastures Offshore, Ep. 1

12th November 2013
12th Nov 2013
From a secret 'Spanish Island' the Greener Pastures crew head up a volcano to race back down on their longboards, passing roadbikers with their faces inches from the ground. Greener Pastures is a collaborative project by longboarders for longboarders bringing top international riders and leading industry companies together to portray the sport at its best. And they have. The location was picked for its dense skating opportunities, year round temperate weather, unique and diverse microclimates, high elevation and pristine road construction. The relaxed island life and welcoming local riders created a Mecca for the sport! The focus of GP Offshore has been to work with young, talented free riders that are highly skilled and under-exposed. These riders are stars at the grassroots level; role models, and community leaders in their own geographic location. It is apparent some of these riders are out of the global spotlight because their location is out of the hub of skateboarding: America. Traveling internationally opens the eyes in many ways. Skateboarding transcends language, religion and culture. There is no shortage of skilled riders. We can expect a lot from our riders, as they have vast opportunity for growth. The website: www.skategreenerpastures.com Twitter - gp_offshore Instagram - sk8greenerpastures Facebook.com/skategreenerpastures Google + - #skategreenerpastures High-Speed Downhill Skateboarding Down Volcano | Greener Pastures Offshore, Ep. 1

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