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Hojer And Wurm Secure German Double At European Bouldering Champs | EpicTV Climbing Daily, Ep. 503

19th May 2015
19th May 2015
With the best climbers in Europe having been whittled down to a select twelve over two punishing days of competition in Innsbruck, Austria, we headed to the front of the crowd to bring you the best of the action from the final round. In the men's event, regular competition finalists Adam Ondra, Jan Hojer and Jakob Schubert were joined by the less familiar faces of Stefan Scarperi, Martin Stranik and Alexey Rubtsov. After the first two problems Ondra, Hojer and Schubert all had one top and it looked like it was to be a night for the regulars. However, after Scarperi topped the third, the field opened up again with the Italian eventually muscling Schubert out of third place. For Hojer and Ondra, it came down to a straight shoot out with Hojer needing to top the final problem to take the win. He flashed it, relegating Ondra to the silver even if he could top the final problem. In the women's draw meanwhile, another shootout was going on, this time between Austrian Anna Stöhr and Germany's Jule Wurm. Both women topped the first three problems with Jule nudging ahead on attempts. With neither of them able to top the final bloc, Jule took the win to make it an impressive double for Germany. Hojer And Wurm Secure German Double At European Bouldering Champs | EpicTV Climbing Daily, Ep. 503

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Maxiem Wagenaar's picture
Eventhough the video says Jan had 3 succesful boulders, he only did 2 problems in the finals.
May 19th 2015
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