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How Do You Film A First Ascent In Remote Alaska? | Climbing Daily, Ep. 591

15th October 2015
15th Oct 2015
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In most climbing films, the outcome is a foregone conclusion. When we watch a video or a film of a professional's climbing trip, the outcome, success or failure, has usually been reported long in advance by the climbing media. This doesn't mean that we don't enjoy watching the film, but it does mean that there is no mystery involved. 'Citadel', the new film from award-winning filmmaker Alastair Lee is different. It charts an attempt by alpinists Matt Hellicker and Jon Bracey to establish a new line in a practically untouched region of Alaska. The outcome of their attempt is still unknown and for audiences entering theatres this month for the Brit Rock Film Tour, the mystery remains. We caught a word with Alastair to find out a little more about the trip and how he went about filming an incredible 4K production in such an inhospitable environment. How Do You Film A First Ascent In Remote Alaska? | Climbing Daily, Ep. 591

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Hugo Pilcher's picture
errr..you just film a first ascent in remote Alaska #flappyhandsbanter
Oct 19th 2015
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