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How Steve McClure Became Britain's Best Sport Climber

08th June 2018
08th Jun 2018
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Ever wanted to go deeper with your favorite climbers? Find out their background, what makes them tick, what drives them on and even how they see themselves? In Beyond Limits we delve into the life and mind of self-deprecating British climbing legend Steve McClure to get his very personal take on his climbing career. We track his life from his first steps in the mountains, to the accident that derailed him, and his subsequent journey to become Britain’s best-ever sport climber claiming the prize of the UK’s first 9b. And, in parallel to this process of unravelling the psyche of a superstar, we get to see Steve doing what he does best; pulling hard on very small holds. So, in between being grilled about his life, we let Steve loose on Clandestino, 9a, to see if he can tick something off his ‘bucket list’ by grabbing his first route of this grade abroad. And in true Epic TV style there’s one small catch: Steve's got just a week to do it!! Climb like a pro. Grab some sport climbing deals here. How Steve McClure Became Britain's Best Sport Climber

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4 voters think this video is Epic
Hugo Pilcher's picture
What an absolute legend, great film!
Jun 12th 2018
Joe Healey's picture
Excellent Richy,well done
May 25th 2018
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