How To Carry Your Bike Easily - Adventure | Trail Doctor

30th April 2015
30th Apr 2015
The oracle of adventure and tech know-how is back to teach you how to carry your bike. Pro bike photographer and all-round adventure nut Dan Milner shares his secrets on how to make hauling your bike up an impossibly steep trail easy. Carrying a bike might look easy and it is if you know how to minimize the effort. Get it right and your riding world just got bigger. But get it wrong and you are a physiotherapists dream at best, and a trail rescue casualty at worst. In 2 minutes the Trail Doctor teaches you the secrets of minimum effort for maximum rewards. How To Carry Your Bike Easily - Adventure | Trail Doctor

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Kirsti Lehtimaki kirstilehti's picture
Somehow I always manage to get covered in chain oil, mud and small cuts when hauling the old enduro up hill... Need to memorize those pedal positions ;)
May 4th 2015
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