How To Make A 3-Axis Gimbal | Flight Club Hacks

19th June 2015
19th Jun 2015
Psst wanna make your own do-it-yourself gimbal? This your chance to learn! Every drone used for aerial photography needs a gimbal to counter vibration for smooth sweeping video shots. Good gimbals are very expensive and if you ask Flight Club are just begging to be hacked! One of our expert drone hackers, Stefano T, will show you how it works today. How To Make A 3-Axis Gimbal | Flight Club Hacks

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3 voters think this video is Handy
Martin Nordstrom's picture
this would be amazing... if i had any tools or skills to do it
Jun 22nd 2015
Donna Saarentola's picture
Amazing how clean and simple it is. I think I need to build this one too. Keep these coming
Jun 19th 2015
Panu Lehti's picture
Probably I'd prefer Came-TV Mini or Ronin-M...
Jun 19th 2015
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