How To Set A BASE Jumping World Record | BASE Girl, Ep. 8

10th January 2014
10th Jan 2014
64 BASE jumpers from 18 nations climb up a ladder inside a mega-dome, ready to set a new World Record - most BASE jumpers exiting and landing indoors consecutively. Sick! With jumpers from 18 different nations, 8 of them female, and a beautiful beach to land on, the jumpers at the IBWC in Germany attempt to set the world record for most jumpers off an indoor exit point in a row! Everyone is rigged for static line, and even though BASE girl is suffering from gnarly food poisoning, the show must go on. In just 13 minutes and 50 seconds all the jumpers fly off the exit point as planned and maintain the necessary '2 canopies in the air at all times' requirement. The record is being reviewed by the Guinness Book of World Records right now! How To Set A BASE Jumping World Record | BASE Girl, Ep. 8

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