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How To Start Outdoor Climbing | Climbing Daily Ep.1371

08th March 2019
08th Mar 2019
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It can be tricky to make the transition from indoor to outdoor climbing. On today's Gear Show we give you some tips on how to do it, and go through the essential kit that you need. Tendon Smart Lite https://shop.epictv.com/en/single-ropes/tendon/smart-lite-98?sku=TENS17_ROPSM98_GRE60&utm_source=epictv.com&utm_medium=cd_player_page_copy&utm_campaign=GearShow&utm_content=GearShow. Tendon Master Pro here. Black Diamond Poitron here. Wild Country Proton here. Climbing shoes here. Petzl Meteor here. Black Diamond Vapour here. Tendon Gear Bag here. DMM Flight Bag here. Click Up + here. Wild Country Revo here. Psychi Dual Fold Pad here.

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Dual Fold Crash Pad
Psychi Dual Fold Crash Pad
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Smart Lite 9.8
Tendon Smart Lite 9.8
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