Hunt for Rare Skullboarder | World Wild Ride, Ep. 2

03rd January 2014
03rd Jan 2014
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Naturalists John and Michael have stumbled upon the event 'Beton on Fire' at La Plagne where they've discovered a very rare species indeed... the elusive SKULLBOARDER. Watch as this threatened and seemingly self-destructive species fly down a track face-down at incredible speeds. No one knows why... Luckily the naturalists also discover some other interesting species - the longboarder who tries the track, as well as some novice riders. WORLD WIDE RIDE! Director: Deville Mickael/Higueras Damien Video Producer: Deville Mickael/Higueras Damien Athletes: Axel Salley Hunt for Rare Skullboarder | World Wild Ride, Ep. 2

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