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Jonathan Siegrist's Gear Picks For A Perfect Day At The Crag | Unzipped

17th June 2015
17th Jun 2015
When EpicTV Shop athlete Jonathan Siegrist swung by our offices in Chamonix earlier this year, we sat down with America's most prolific bolt clipper to talk all things climbing. On one of our more relaxed days at the crag, Jonathan gave us this sweet little run down of his sport climbing essentials. Everything he needs for a day sending hard routes gets stored in possibly the most important item, his Arc'teryx Arrakis 50 backpack. Named after the fictional planet in Frank Herbert's 'Dune', this bag may not keep the spice flowing, but it can hold all the gear you need for a day of sport sends. In Jonathan's case that gear includes a pair of La Sportiva Testarossa climbing shoes for redpoint burns, a pair of Smith Optics Lowdown polarised shades to keep the sun out of his eyes when he's on belay duty and a ClimbOn bar to nourish his skin at the end of the day. The one item even his backpack can't fit however are his friends who, more than any of his other picks, are the key to a great day of climbing. Jonathan Siegrist's Gear Picks For A Perfect Day At The Crag | Unzipped

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SnoWhite's picture
What's the point in climbing if not looking cool? That's the only reason I go to the crag... Altho not on Jonathan's coolness level yet!
Jun 23rd 2015
Ted Endo's picture
Watch out Jonathan! Than entourage will bleed you of every last penny - just look what happened to MC Hammer.
Jun 17th 2015
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