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25th January 2016
25th Jan 2016
The K2 Marksman is the newest addition to the K2 factory range for 2017 and Pep Fujas's new pro model. The Marksman has been designed for the backcountry freestyle skier. This ski has big days on the mountain in its sights. No matter which direction you're going, the long tip and tail rocker help bring the ski up in the powder and the slight camber underfoot helps to give the ski a poppy, playful feel. And the Marksman keeps its playfulness in the snow well after the snow has settled. Its asymmetrical shape, with a longer effective edge on the outside of the skis, helps you stay in line during carved turns. At the end of a day, simply put, it's a badass ski. K2 Marksman 2017 Ski Review | EpicTV On-Snow Reviews

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