Lebanon Ski Trip 2013 : Freeski Radness, Ep. 1

15th August 2013
15th Aug 2013
In this series, follow French freeskier Dim Charriere on his adventures to the most spectacular mountains on the planet. This time, Dim goes on a typical ski trip to Lebanon (as you do) and finds a guitarist along the way. Filmed in February 2013. From Dim: On the 8th of February 2013 I decided to go skiing with some friends in Lebanon. I love this country because it is really amazing to ski there and even though the geopolitical situation is complicated, all the people are still smiling and enjoying the snow every weekend. 'The ski resort is just one hour's drive from Beirut and the after-skiing session took place in Byblos at sea level in the oldest harbour of the Mediterranean Sea.' With a mix of freeride and freestyle, this webseries is all about POV action, big air, deep pow, and global adventuring - the ultimate in Freeski Radness. Lebanon Ski Trip 2013 : Freeski Radness, Ep. 1

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