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01st June 2015
01st Jun 2015
New for 2015/16, the Line Mordecai is a playful all-mountain twin tip for skiers who want a wider platform to spin, butter, float and slash through powder and crud all over the mountain. The Mordecai incorporates the same Cloud Core technology that makes the Magnum Opus so light and lively. As a replacement to Mr. Pollard's Opus in the Line collection the Mordecai keeps the same size tip and tail for great floatation in powder while using a bit more sidecut that enables them to carve well on hardpack and groomers. Thin Tip technology makes the Line Magnum Opus one of the lightest 114mm waist skis on the market. Buy The Line Mordecai 2016 Here Line Mordecai Ski Review 2015/2016 | EpicTV Gear Geek

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