Live For Love. Live For Surf. - W.H.O. is Punk Ep. 4

09th August 2013
09th Aug 2013
A cinematic surf video comin' at you (almost) live from France in the Summer of 2013. After Hugues was in Indo for 3 months - training, tripping and filming - he returned to France to see his daughter, wife and friends for a little break for family love and also to enjoy a 'few' summer waves... in warm water... mmmm. W.H.O. had a good time. The waves might have been small but there were some really nice moments at secret places. This is not a little surf movie, it's more a little movie about Hugues' surfer lifestyle and lovely family. Meet W.H.O.'s 18-month-old daughter Kailani who got her first small rides with Daddy during these weeks. In the next episode, Hugues will be back in Indo and things are gonna get a bit crazy. Stay tuned, enjoy and share. Live For Love. Live For Surf. - W.H.O. is Punk Ep. 4

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