Lucid Dreaming In Les 2 Alpes | EpicTV Choice Cuts

21st November 2014
21st Nov 2014
The glacier at French resort, Les Deux Alpes cracked its doors open recently for its annual preseason shred fest and the snowboarders showed up en masse. Everyone dusted off their boards after a long break to slide some tubes, catch some air, link some turns and weave some very gnarly dreams. Riders include Thibault Wepfer, Joe Power, Anthony Grapin, Nathan Benichou, Anto Brotto, Victor Loron, Bastien Sturma, Louis Labertrande, Antoine Baduel, Kas lemons, Tom Picamoles, Martin de Pasqual, Francois Ohl, Thomas Delfino, Aymeric Tonin, Arthur Longo, Olivier Gittler, Dimitri Biau, Ben Thomas ­Javid, and Jordi Piq. Lucid Dreaming In Les 2 Alpes | EpicTV Choice Cuts

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