Marcelo Gutiérrez Takes You Down the Craziest MTB Race Course in the World | Urban Legend, Ep. 4

28th February 2014
28th Feb 2014
Marcelo Gutiérrez is a downhill mountain biker from Colombia. Valparaíso is a beautiful city in Chile built on the side of some very steep hills that plunge into the Pacific. See where we're going here? The 2014 Valparaíso Cerro Abajo downhill race was won by Filip Polc, but Marcelo threw down a sick run. The race is widely considered the craziest of it's type in the world. The jumps are huge, the roads tight, and the hills are incredibly steep. As you watch this barely controlled insanity, note how close Marcelo comes to the walls and cement polls and bear in mind that, every time he jumps, he's worried about snagging his neck on a power line.

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