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Meet the New Generation of SUP Racers | SUP's Up, Ep. 5

23rd January 2014
23rd Jan 2014
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The Battle of the Paddle is one of the biggest SUP races of the year but the reigning queen, Candice Appleby, finds herself sidelined with a hand injury. The upside is that without a title to defend she can focus on coaching the kids of the Performance Paddling Competition Team who have showed up from around the country to compete. The team is composed of youngsters hand-picked not only for their abilities with board and paddle, but for their academic achievements, sportsmanship, and general attitudes toward sports and life. Watch Appleby and her coaching partner, Anthony Vela instruct the team on everything from race etiquette and reading the lineup, to how to give a strong interview. Meet the New Generation of SUP Racers | SUP's Up, Ep. 5

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