Monster waves in the Pacific Northwest | Big-Wave Addicts, Ep. 1

24th October 2013
24th Oct 2013
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Eric Akiskalian, Keith Galbraith and friends rally for an early season swell that produced amazing waves and conditions in the Pacific Northwest. The conditions you are about to view are not traditional for this area, but when it gets good it's truly amazing and world-class! Then again, when winter sets in, it's usually 30 degrees on the surface with 45 degree water temps and ice all over the roads. This area is also known for 12'-15' great whites, killer whales and VW size elephant seals that can pop up at a moments notice. Each new episode will have coverage of the amazing swells that slam the region and those that dare to ride the monster size waves in very harsh, freezing and extreme conditions. Eric Akiskalian is a 2 x Billabong XXL Big Wave Award Nominee and his goal and pursuit is to ride the biggest waves he can search out each and every year. This year he will set out to rides waves in excess of 70' while waiting for that perfect storm! Director: Eric Akiskalian Producer: Eric Akiskalian Athletes: Eric Akiskalian, Keith Galbraith and Ollie Richardson Sports: Adventure Monster waves in the Pacific Northwest | Big-Wave Addicts, Ep. 1

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