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My 6 Week Fingerboard Challenge To Get Stronger

10th April 2020
10th Apr 2020
Check out the Max Climbing Spinchboard Solo Hybrid In an attempt to push her climbing grade and get stronger, EpicTV intern Teresa Corti is trying out a fingerboard training regime for the first time. Teresa has been climbing for the past 2 years and has consistently managed to tick her way through the grades up until 7a, but now she wants to move to 7b and in order to do that she is taking on a 6 week challenge with the help of Max Climbing's Spinchboard Solo Hybrid fingerboard and a training regime from Ned Feehally the founder of Beastmakers. Follow her in her journey as she tries out finger-boarding for the first time... Check out the rest of the Max Climbing Range Follow us on instagramL @teresa.corti & @epictvclimbing My 6 Week Fingerboard Challenge To Get Stronger

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Aleš Praprotnik's picture
Hi, I saw the video, very interesting. However, what is not clear from the video is, did you have any rest days between exercise days? I.e. did you do 1, 2, 3 days of exercise then have a break or did you do 1st day, have a rest day, then do 2nd day, rest day,...? Thanks! :) Aleš
Nov 18th 2020
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