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08th October 2013
08th Oct 2013
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EpicTV, home of the best original extreme sports content shows you what is coming up this season on EpicTV. United Kingdom is home to one of the best up and coming mountain bike dirt jump specialist Matt Jones. In the series Matt will be looking to progress and learn as many new tricks as possible this winter. For 7 months a camera crew followed the every move of wingsuit superstars, Jokke Sommer, Espen Fadness and Ludovic Woerth. The first episode is about to drop from Rio. Just when you thought Unicycling belonged in a circus, the Poham Brother come along and they are guaranteed to blow your mind. Bouldering is the art of climbing big rocks without using rocks or harnesses, and America has a lot of big rocks! The Lost In America Crew take you to Yosemite in their latest adventure! The Mavericks crew take on the might of the surfing industry as well as get back to doing what they do best...surfing big waves. EpicTV Home of the Best Original Extreme Sports Web Series - Whats Coming Up This Season

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Fireball Dwr Hoodie 2016
Oakley Fireball Dwr Hoodie 2016
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