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Nina Caprez And The Power Of The Pink Pants | EpicTV Climbing Daily Ep. 539

20th July 2015
20th Jul 2015
On today's show we're coming top you from OutDoor 2015, where we've been hanging out in the Arc'teryx booth. While there we caught a quick word with Multi-Pitch maestro Nina Caprez. Nina has recently repeated 'Hannibal's Alptraum' or 'Hannibal's Nightmare', a five pitch limestone slab route in Switzerland’s Rätikon Massif. The grades weigh in at 7b+, 8a, 8a, 8a, 7b+, which at first glance might not sound like the hardest thing that Nina has ever done, but by her account the style of the route made it incredibly tough! While at the booth, we also checked out a brand new approach shoe from Arc'teryx. Launching in March 2016, the Arakys shoe is a very interesting prospect for all those sport climbers and boulderers out there looking for an approach shoe that's also comfortable to wear while belaying or spotting. A nice balance between flip-flops and bulkier approach shoes, the Arc'teryx Arakys combines the grip of a normal approach shoe on the sole, with their latest construction technology called Adaptive Fit Lite. This combines to give a sturdy, lightweight shoe that's perfect for the approach but which can also have its heel collapsed to produce a comfortable belay sandal. The retail price of the shoe will be €130 and it will be available from March 2016. Nina Caprez And The Power Of The Pink Pants | EpicTV Climbing Daily Ep. 539

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