Olympic Halfpipe Results and the winner is| The Daily Blizzard, Ep. 32

11th February 2014
11th Feb 2014
What a day of riding! A full day of pipe bashing is now over and the winner of the 5th EVER Gold medal in Men's half pipe now belongs to Iouri "i-Pod" Podladtchikov with a run that included the "YOLO FLIP" he just totally stomped his run to ink his name into the history books forever. In second place we had 15 year old Ayumu Hirano, who put in a massive run to hold on to that silver medal. While Taku Hiraoka kept his cool to boss an epic run and bank a bronze for japan. Thank you all for keeping with us all day and catch us tomorrow as we resume our normal programming, well if you can call what we do 'normal'...

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