Olympic-Sized F**k-Ups | The Daily Blizzard, Ep. 33

12th February 2014
12th Feb 2014
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So with all the hype of the Slopestyle contest this weekend we may have left out some of the funniest f*ck ups of the winter Olympics - shame on us!! Firstly if you are wondering how Noel's eye got smashed up, we'll let you in on a little secret - he gate crashed the Austrian team's procession and slammed his face on the ice. What a wanker. But that's ok because at least he wasn't a Russian name bearer - those girls were encaged in a mess of pointy metal - ouch! Team USA rocked out with some horrendous knitted gear from Ralph Lauren and it would seem they have started a knitting buzz around the games. Finnish coach Antti Koskinen was caught showcasing his knitting skills during a race! And to finish it off the fifth ceremonial Olympic ring never appeared and now every one thinks the guy responsible is dead... he is not... it's called being sarcastic. Olympic-Sized F**k-Ups | The Daily Blizzard, Ep. 33

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