Park City's Revamped Snow Parks Will Blow You Away | Grit Visual's Quest for the Best, Ep. 1

12th February 2014
12th Feb 2014
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All skiers are proud of their local resorts. In this series, Grit Visual heads out to find some of the best terrain parks in the US and the skiers and builders behind them. We start in Park City, Utah, where the unassuming action sports manager, Jeremy Cooper, has recently opened the resort's fifth snow park as well as revamping some of the classics to increase their flow and dynamism. Naturally, the freeskiiers are going banaynays with all the new terrain. If you're feeling uncommonly bold, head over and join them on the Grand Prix Course. If, however, you plan to live a long and injury-free life like we do, feel free to come hit the kiddy jumps at Neffland.

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