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Pay no Attention to the Men Behind the Climbing Curtain | Hazel Findlay Days, Ep. 2

20th January 2014
20th Jan 2014
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After you see this video, you'll never be able to watch a climbing film in the same way. Hazel Findlay sits down with us, gently takes our hands, and explains that the climbs we see in clips and documentaries are not exactly as they appear on film. Sure, the routes are the same and the climbers actually scale them, or don't scale them. But some of what we see is a re-creation of actual events. Usually the first day of a shoot is dedicated to actual climbing. Depending on how it goes, the ensuing days will usually involve going back to the route, rappelling down to certain sections, and then climbing them again in order for the camera crew to get close-up shots. What we eventually watch, then, is a mélange of various climbs, a re-enactment of that initial day pieced together from numerous shoots. This begs the question: Are we seeing the real climb? Philosophers would call this an example of Theseus's Paradox. We call it climbing in the age of the digital media. Either way, it's a brave new world. Pay no Attention to the Men Behind the Climbing Curtain | Hazel Findlay Days, Ep. 2

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bungee1's picture
Awesome to see the film crew getting credit for the hard yards they put in :)
Apr 1st 2017
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