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30th November 2015
30th Nov 2015
The perfect line imagined by Arnaud Longobardi, a speedflying session in his best spot in Chamonix. He showcases his sport with different flying approaches, some low level flight in between narrow side walls, a high-speed chase with a mountainbiker, a stop in between two mountain peaks with alpinists and breathtaking spiral dives above the city. All approaches are fast and measured precisely, always keeping in mind the most important, having fun. Perfect line | EpicTV Fresh Catch

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7 voters think this video is Nuts
Kiv123's picture
Absolutely Mental !!!
Nov 30th 2015
Panu Lehti's picture
Nov 30th 2015
alan sim's picture
wow amazing !!!!!!!
Nov 30th 2015
Nico Stanford's picture
Nov 30th 2015
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