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Pocket Pulling And Pinnacle Hopping On The French Riviera | Epic Aerials by the Green Twins, Ep. 3

01st October 2014
01st Oct 2014
This week in Epic Aerials, the Green twins meet up with Etienne Seppecher and Aymeric Freze in the Calanques, a famous section of beautiful, limestone sea cliffs in the French Mediterranean. This area was developed in the 1930's by climbers like George Livanos, Robert Gabriel, and Charles Magol. In order to get there Etienne and Aymeric sailed up the French Riviera and set their sites on climbing La Momie Directe, 6b+, a dramatic route up a needle spire including a hair-raising step-up traverse back onto the main cliff. This amazing route should be on every climbers' bucket list! Although the difficulty of the route isn't especially high, there were some tricky points, according to Etienne. "The fact that the cliffs have numerous routes that require different equipment makes it really important to choose the right start and finish to avoid facing unexpected gear changes and difficulties along the way," he says. "Also, climbing in the sun by the sea makes the rocks moist and salty resulting in rather bad friction." The cliffs might have been a dream to climb and shoot but getting to them for the Green twins was another story. "The takeoff was too small and had huge boulders with overhead power lines at the end," Tim Green said. "If the engine tanked during takeoff or if we couldn’t pull up fast enough, we would’ve been burnt toast." Shooting with a Canon 7D and a 16-35mm lens, the twins had to lug their camera gear, along with a a dry bag, auto-inflating life jackets, paramotor, and tandem wing to the beach, then launch from the cliffs. After they were airborne, the toughest part was getting the timing of their passes right so they could capture the best action. Well, it was also hard dealing with the angry property manager of the beach they landed on, but that's a different story. Pocket Pulling And Pinnacle Hopping On The French Riviera | Epic Aerials by the Green Twins, Ep. 3

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