Pushing Wingsuit Proximity Flying to Unbelievable New Levels | HeliBASE 74, Teaser

12th September 2013
12th Sep 2013
You're about to view the most incredible wingsuit event in the history of the sport. What happens when you give 23 of the best wingsuit pilots IN THE WORLD a helicopter for three incredible, action-packed days? You get HeliBASE 74 - the most amazing wingsuit footage you have ever seen. In August 2013, EpicTV and world-renowned wingsuit pilot Espen Fadnes teamed up to create the first and ONLY event of its kind. A three-day heliBASE session featuring some of the biggest names in this precision sport: Jokke Sommer, Mike Swanson, Tony Uragallo, Julian Boulle, Fred Fugen, Le Blond and many many more... In this unbelievable video series - coming September - you will see proximity wingsuit flying like you've never seen it before. The most insane, creative and unabashedly daring footage to date. You'll also get a unique look into the men behind the suits - who are these individuals who risk their lives for the thrill of the sport? What are these particularly specialized athletes really like? This unprecedented wingsuit event, HeliBASE 74, is dedicated to professional wingsuit pilot Mark Sutton, who tragically lost his life during the filming of this event. Athletes: Chris Douggs Mcdougall, Vincent Descols, Espen Fadnes, Dan Vicary, Tom Erik Heimen, Roch Malnuit, Fred Fugen, Johnathan Florez, Ludovic Woerth, Lutz Luedtke, Michael Swanson, Julian Boulle, Rodolphe Cassan, Carlos Pedro Briceno, Peter Viertbauer, Mathias Wyss, Tony Uragallo, Jokke Sommer, Vince Reffet, Jean-Philippe Teffaud, Nathan J Jones, Hubert Shober, Halvor Angvik Pushing Wingsuit Proximity Flying to Unbelievable New Levels | HeliBASE 74 Teaser

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