Queenstown Gnar | The Kiwis, Ep. 16

23rd July 2015
23rd Jul 2015
Welcome to Queenstown, the adventure capital of New Zealand, the Southern Hemisphere and quite possibly the world! The mountain biking opportunities down here are unbelievable, as we found out with Nick Dethridge. Once we had explored the ridiculously awesome, yet "normal" trails, Rude Rock, Dreamtrack, Skyline Gondola, & George Road, we went hunting for something new. With Isaac & Jarrah on board, the riders headed out of Queenstown towards a new zone - where desert 'scapes meet alpine scree - where the lines have since been described as something out of Red Bull Rampage. Queenstown Gnar | The Kiwis, Ep. 16

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Amazing New Zealand !!
Jul 24th 2015
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