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Right...Let's Talk About Gear | Climbing Daily Ep.845

06th January 2017
06th Jan 2017
On today's show we are doing something completely different. Deep breath...here we go... As well as making climbing video content we also have a shop, which means we can get really geeky about gear. Today we unbox some shiny new So iLL climbing shoes and check out some ultra lightweight Arc'teryx ski mountaineering boots. We want your opinion! Let us know the gear you love or hate and what you want us to talk about...the best comment below the video wins an Icebreaker T-shirt... Check out our shop here Check out our videos here Right...Let's Talk About Gear | Climbing Daily Ep.845

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3 voters think this video is Sweet!
povmasters's picture
Hello Epic Tv I've loved your vids and now I've finnaly singed up for it. thanks so much and I want to get into climbing but I don't have the equipment
Jan 11th 2017
calumibowie's picture
great video, please do more of these
Jan 8th 2017
kagra1986's picture
Great with more gear videos! Having followed Soill since the kickstarter I really look forward to Epictv to stock their products. I think the shoes are a fresh take on a style dominated by conservative old-school shoes on one side (the flat trad shoes) and very technology based design on the other (instincts, solution ect). I just hope you will stock the other Soill products too (big fan of their bags and tights). Keep up the good work.
Jan 7th 2017
trepanier.paul's picture
Surely now that you're following Tom Randall's training programme you could have done a one arm pullup on a jug behind you or did the lattice board break you literally :)
Jan 6th 2017
calic.danilo's picture
So good to see you guys improve every day. Keep up the good work, and watch those shoulders! Cheers from Serbia :)
Jan 6th 2017
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Arc'teryx Procline Carbon Lite Boot
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