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Ring/TRX Session For Softies : Core And Upper Body Strength For Climbing | Best Beginner Exercises

24th November 2016
24th Nov 2016
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This Tutorial will teach you the Best Beginner Exercises for Climbing Specific Core and Upper Body Training on the Rings (often referred to as TRX). The Rings are particularly suitable for this kind of training because in contrast to other devices such as the Pull up Bar, which has a very static character, the Rings are hanging free. This results in a lot of undesired motion while executing the exercises, which has to be outbalanced by the athlete. Even the tiniest Core and Upper Body Muscles are activated while attempting to attenuate the typical shakyness, which would stay untouched otherwise. As always, if you've got something from this video, please share it with a climbing mate and tell me your opinion in the comment section. Thank you for your attention, and have a good training! Exercises covered: Push ups Flys Rows Dips Inverted Pull ups Skin the Cat Bonus: Exercises using flat loops for legs Ring/TRX Session for Softies : Core and Upper Body Strength for Climbing | Best Beginner Exercises

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1 voter thinks this video is Nuts
povmasters's picture
you guys are nuts
Jan 11th 2017
yogabrice's picture
Hi, thanks for making those videos, they are very interesting. I was wondering if you had a website or a facebook profile? take care, see you soon
Dec 18th 2016
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