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Rock Climbing Technique for Beginners : The Importance of Gripping Technique - Crimps VS Open Grips

13th October 2016
13th Oct 2016
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This video covers one of the most important Foundations of Injury Prevention and Efficiency in Rock Climbing: Proper Gripping Technique. After describing several grip (e.g. Crimps VS Open Grips) and hold types (e.g. Edges VS Slopers) I will discuss which grips should be used when and why this leads to an efficient climbing style while avoiding classic rock climbing injuries like pulley strains or typewriter's cramp (Tenosynovitis) at the same time. I've been climbing for a long time now, and I've seen lots of beginners and their progression regarding the sport, including myself. The advice in this video can save you a lot of time by staying as injury free as possible. Rock Climbing Technique for Beginners : The Importance of Gripping Technique. Crimps VS Open Grips

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mahmood.edalatmanesh's picture
this was awesome! I have been bouldering for about 9 years and I just realized I was always going for full crimps while it was preventing me to use my muscles instead of tendons. Will apply this technique from now on :) thanks
Oct 15th 2016
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