Sage Kotsenburg's Brand New Trick & Sick Edit From Vans | Daily Blizzard, Ep. 1

16th December 2013
16th Dec 2013
This is day zero, and you're on the ground floor of something special. A brand new, kick-ass, headline-stealing, pro-boarding, elbow-rubbing love session of a snow show. In this cherry-poppin' episode we show you Sage Kotsenburg's new grab combo that was put down at this year's Air and Style Contest in Beijing, China. It's so new it hasn't even got a name, except for the gasps of astonishment that come from people's gobs when they see it. Soooo, contact us and let us know what YOU would call it, NAME THAT TRICK: To watch the full highlights reel from the Air & Style Contest, click dis: Now we're gonna bring it back to the roots of snowboarding, as we give you the Vans '20 Years of Snow', an epic watch, paying homage to a pivotal period, defining a new generation of snowboarding culture as told by original Vans riders Jamie Lynn, Shaun Palmer, Circe Wallace, and Kurt Wastell. You can watch the full edit here: Before we sign off we're gonna give you the Daily Blizzard Advent Calendar, and open the first of our wish list products from Nixon, called 'The Blaster' a must-have gift for the holidays that your girlfriend and wife will both want. See you tomorrow...! Sage Kotsenburg's Brand New Trick & Sick Edit From Vans | Daily Blizzard, Ep. 1

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