Shaun White and Ayumo Hirano Dominate Qualifications | Daily Blizzard, Ep. 31

11th February 2014
11th Feb 2014
The first heat of the men's Half-Pipe has just taken place in Sochi, Going straight to the Finals from Heat 1 are - Ayumo Hirano (JAP) - Christian "hitch" Haller (SUI) - David Hablutzel (SUI) Going straight to the Finals from Heat 2 are - Shaun White (USA) - Taku Hiroka (JAP) - Danny Davis (USA) Everyone else that finished 4th to 9th from each heat are back for the Semi-Finals in a couple of hours so MAKE SURE you check back with us as we bring you all the results throughout the day here on the Daily Blizzard!

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