Shaun White X Factor Audition, Miller Gets Flipped And Flesh Gets Pounded | The Blizzard, EP. 8

26th January 2015
26th Jan 2015
We are still on tour and haven't been kicked outta Laax yet, there is another week so anything could happen, In the show today we give away more money for the EpicTV shop with “POF” (Pound of Flesh) this week’s winner is some dude France . In the “ONE PIECE-ONE TRICK” I give you the worst Irish Lesson ever but Seth Hill stomps it with a “Miller Flip” We close with Shaun White and some music talking and find out if he can sing , Spoiler alert he cant but he is a solid guy, I can't lie send your slams to and follow me on insta@noelreynolds ,we don’t use twitter so don’t follow us on that.

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