Ski/Snowboard Descent, Macho Couloir Chamonix, PERFECT Conditions | Window Into Our World, Ep. 3

24th May 2013
24th May 2013
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Most seasons, the Col du Diable's Macho Couloir (5.2, TD) is 350 meters of 45 to 50˚, marginal, shark-infested snow - perhaps with some ice thrown in - before 'flattening out' to a more 'relaxed' 40-45˚ for the last 100 meters. Finding it with stable boot-top pow under cold bluebird skies is something that most riders will only ever dream about. Steep skier/filmer Luca Rolli captures Davide Capozzi, Giulia Mongego, Laurent Dupré and Michéle Curtaz making this Chamonix testpiece look cruisy. But don't be fooled by the silky turns being thrown down - if you catch this line in less than perfect conditions you'll quickly find out how this line lives up to its name. Search this channel for 'Window Into Our World' for more of Chamonix's best lines. To see more of Giulia Monego, search 'Turns & Curves'.

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