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09th October 2015
09th Oct 2015
Welcome to the Snowboard Garden Festival! Three days of snowboarding movies from the biggest and best in the industry at the perfect time of year to get you psyched on the winter ahead. Join us at the Grenoble Palais des Sports on the 15th, 16th and 17th of October 2015 for the most amazing start to the winter before your first powder day. Films screened: Too Hard, Different Vision Production / Broken Circuit BYND x MDLS The Movie 686 team movie – 686 Seconds ALMO Film – Comfort Zone ThirtyTwo team movie – 2032 Sexual Snowboarding – Mäster Bäy Täble Videograss – Videogracias DBK’s projectDETOUR Déjà Vu – Encore Transworld SNOWboarding – Origins Timeline Missions – Degrees North Rip Curl The Search – REVEL The Snowboarder Movie – SFD Ero One – Paradigme The Balance Movie Absinthe Films - Eversince

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