So Not Freaking Extreme Snowboarding on Mont Blanc | So Freaking Extreme, Ep. 4

11th July 2013
11th Jul 2013
After the best winter of powder skiing and steep skiing that I have had in 35 years on snow, the finest way to end the season was to climb and ski the highest mountain in Europe, which just happens to sit above the town of Chamonix. Mont Blanc, which sits at 4,810 meters, was first climbed in 1786 by Michel-Gabrial Paccard and Jacques Balmat. Instead of descending down one of the major extreme lines that are found on the 'White Mountain,' we decided to ski the North face, which this June was the longest powder run of the year, and a fitting end to the season that just wouldn't stop. Thank you Chamonix. - Nate Wallace With Damien Deschamps

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