Steep Skiing and Untracked Powder in La Grave, France | Secret Stash, ep. 2

06th November 2013
06th Nov 2013
La Grave, France is a ski station in the Hautes-Alpes area of the French Alps that's legendary for its steep lines, deep powder and surprising lack of people. This is partially due to the fact that there are no groomed slopes, no avalanche control and loads of glacial terrain so the area is clearly not for everyone. The place has a fierce reputation and has taken the lives of many skiers including American big-mountain skier Doug Coombs who died in 2006 while trying to rescue his friend. However, with one 2-stage gondola servicing 2100 meters of some of the heaviest lines many skiers will ever encounter, La Grave is a steep skier's paradise. Filmer Bjarne Salén and pro snowboarder Luca Pandolfi hook up with mountain guide Joe Vallone to sample the goods on a typical spring powder day. Big thanks to: Hannah Gredley from High Time Events ( for her massive help in organizing our trips. Skiers Lodge Skiers: Joe Vallone and Ptor Spricenieks

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