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Stefano Ghisolfi's Sport Climbing Essentials | Unzipped

29th July 2015
29th Jul 2015
A day at the crag is rarely improved by the big things, but rather by the little life hacks we use and the smaller items we bring with us that help to make our climbing experience that little bit better. The devil is in the detail they say and so it goes with climbing gear. Stefano Ghisolfi knows a thing or two about good days at the crag and if you don't believe us, check out our series The Italian Climbing Files for some footage of Stefano in action. For him, the smaller items he takes on his climbing trips are just as important as the big ones, just as essential. For getting warmed up at the crag, he has his Cassin finger ball, the perfect aid for staving off finger injury. Not getting injured is far from the main aim of his climbing however and to ensure he can perform at his absolute best, Stefano also carries a HRT Hold Brush, the ideal tool for keeping his projects in climbable condition. For energy while he climbs, he has his girlfriend Sara's homemade snack bars and to capture all of his experiences he has his Canon Eos-M, a great compact camera that has documented his travels all around the world. Those travels wouldn't be possible of course, at least not in as much comfort, without Stefano's final item, his VW California van; a great way to travel and a great place to live. Stefano Ghisolfi's Sport Climbing Essentials | Unzipped

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Underwater Basket Weaving Champion 2002-2004
Love these tips from the pros!
Jul 31st 2015
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