Stop And Feed The Birds | Under the Weather, Ep. 4

29th December 2014
29th Dec 2014
Spring is always a wild time in Whistler. Between the perfect backcountry conditions and spring festival season in full-swing, it's the perfect time to go 110% until you wake up with nothing but empty pockets and all those questionable decisions running through your head. So the Under The Weather crew did just. Adding to good time they decided to pile a film-competition called 'Intersection' onto the usual go-go-go regimen. This is the setup: seven teams have seven days to film a seven minute edit, all within 100 kilometers of Whistler, and with $10,000 up for grabs. Sleep was kept to a minimum and everyone was sure to make proper fools of themselves along the way. This episode features a swath of guest appearances from local riders like Liam Casey, Mack Jones, Dane Dergyutur, and Thayne Rich. There was also some help behind the cameras from Graeme Meiklejohn and Liam Benstead. Stop And Feed The Birds | Under the Weather, Ep. 4

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