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Summer Solstice In Wales - A Trad Climbing Journey

03rd November 2017
03rd Nov 2017
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The idea was simple, four super strong rock climbers on a trad-climbing trip to South Wales. Jacopo Larcher, Barbara Zangerl, Roland Hemetzberger and Lara Neumeier head to Pembroke, a stunning coastline climbing venue with some very hard and beautiful Trad routes. Each one of them will find their personal project and battle for the send putting aside fear and adverse conditions. The long days of the summer solstice in North Europe helps their desire for exploring, climbing and having fun with friends. Get great deals on Trad climbing gear here. Summer Solstice In Wales - A Trad Climbing Journey

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Comments (4)

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evangee's picture
Pembrokeshire is in West Wales not South Wales by the way.
Oct 25th 2017
kevin.guanziroli's picture
This was really a great video. I do not approve of your choice to put it only on your website, it needs to be on Youtube and be seen by a lot more people, such marvelous work.
Oct 22nd 2017
gorra89's picture
I think it usually goes up here first and then on youtube a few days later?
Oct 24th 2017
Hugo Pilcher's picture
Absolutely beautiful!
Oct 21st 2017
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