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Surf Mecca, Portugal with Nic Von Rupp | Marco Giorgi, Tides, Ep. 4

04th November 2013
04th Nov 2013
The last of the Tides series has Marco Giorgi team up with surf buddy Nic Von Rupp in Ericeira, Portugal for an unforgettable surf session. From Marco himself: "The last episode of the series is the most special one, it's all shot in Portugal around Ericeira area - we stayed at Nic Von Rupp's house and he showed me that Portugal is truly one of the Meccas of surfing. We scored amazing waves everywhere we went, we surfed so much I was dead by the third day, and I think all of this was filmed in about 3 or 4 days, it was epic! All the thanks go out to Nic for these waves, for me he's one of the most amazing surfers to watch, he's super talented. I also want to thank Loic Wirth and Pietro França for all the magic the showed and EpicTV for the support." What a way to end a brilliant series... Surf Mecca, Portugal with Nic Von Rupp | Marco Giorgi: Tides, Ep. 4

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